Garden Furniture For Hire

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Metal Garden Furniture for Hire

We have teamed up with Outside Edge Garden Furniture who supply a fantastic range of metal garden furniture. Go to their website and any garden furniture items including complete sets that you see are available for hire through us. We have the rights for the whole of Wales.

The B2B contract market is difficult, especially for a retailer like us. We find it easy to define the house owner and know our customer base, but the B2B market is more diverse, with fewer customers in very different sizes, looking to make a very informed decision.

This does not mean that the owner does not do this, of course, they make informed decisions. Nevertheless, while the homeowner might purchase some pieces of garden furniture at best, with a business client the contract may work in the 100’s. Add to this the fact is that there could be multiple decision makers, budgets, etc., things start to be a bit more complicated.

On the other hand, this is a great opportunity for us, our hire products are perfect for weddings, golf clubs, hotels, basically any business that has a need for short term use of outdoor furniture.

Decorated in classic style, solid construction and materials that have been designed to withstand the inclement weather. We know that  Outside’s Edge products have the look and feel that sets them apart from many of today’s commercial suppliers, material that will withstand up to, if outdo other materials such as wood.

Their outdoor furniture can sit in the hotel patio, without the need for employees to bring it indoors if there is a downpour. This requires very little in the way of maintenance, washing it with warm water and soap, once in a while will suffice. There is no need to paint. And in the worst case, you may have to adjust the leftover tab on the bottom of a chair leg with our touch up kit.

We must emphasize that Outside Edge has been supplying the trade for years.

Patio Furniture for Wedding ceremony Venues

The elegance and quality of our outdoor furniture provides itself perfectly to the wedding.

Patio furniture for sporting centres.

The Maintenance-free look of our garden furniture has proven to be popular with a number of golf courses and sports fields.

The metal garden chairs are an excellent choice for the contract market, as they are both lightweight but very sturdy. Additional stacking factor makes them easy to store without taking up too much space.

Garden furniture for care homes.

Garden and patio furniture for a house or birthday party.