Customer Album

Photographs Of Our Plants In Their New Gardens

We derive great pleasure from seeing photographs of our plants re homed in their new gardens. No matter how healthy and green our plants look while here at Dyffryn in their pots, it’s a great feeling when you see them featured within a great planting scheme.
We have created a Folio of garden photographs featuring plants which have been purchased from Dyffryn Nurseries to give you an idea of the impact that effective thoughtful planting can have on your garden!

Italian Court Yard Garden

You would be mistaken if you thought this photograph had been taken while on a Mediterrenean tour! Our customer, who has spent a great deal of time in Italy, decided to re create a little piece of heaven at his home on the coast, in the Gower, Mumbles – Swansea. The focal point of his Italianate courtyard is a mature gnarled olive tree purchased from Dyffryn Nurseries. We are incredibly proud to see our Olive planted in such a fantastic setting.

Plant List
Olea europaea – Olive
Cupressus sempervirens – Italian cypress
Buxus sempervirens Ball Shape
Hebe sutherlandii
Chamaerops humilis

italian garden

Architectural Planting in Raised Railway Sleeper Beds

It is amazing how the construction of stained black sleeper beds running around the boundary of this Llandaff garden can work fantastically as a complete contrast to the bright white wall as well as giving the garden a sense of structure and formality. The white wall is a striking backdrop for the taller, architectural plants. The bold foliage plants Acer griseum, Fatsia, Bamboo & Phormium are softened by using ground cover planting Agapanthus, Lavendar, Heuchera and using round Box Ball topiary shapes as punctuation marks throughout the planting.

Plant List
Acer griseum
Phyllostachys aureosuculata
Laurus nobilis Half Standard
Buxus sempervirens Ball Shape
Phormium Tenax
Agapanthus umbellatus
Fatsia japonica
Lavendula Hidcote
Heuchera Palace Purple

railway sleeper

Making an Entrance – Mature Climbers and Topiary

Our customer in The Vale of Glamorgan wanted a formally dressed patio for their Edwardian style home. Our Bay Tree topiary planted in grey faux lead containers, Box ball shapes and mature climbers helped to age the patio and give it an older more established feel.

Plant List
Laurus nobilis Half standard
Buxus sempervirens Ball Shape
Vinca major
Hedera helix
Wisteria chinensis
Faux Lead planters


Vibrant Ericaceous North Facing Raised Beds.

We came up with this planting scheme for a nursing Home in Cardiff.
We knew the raised beds would be shady as it is north facing and we felt that residents as well as guests would benefit from a bright, colourful palette. We mixed a selection of evergreen shrubs & ground cover plants with a mixture of stunning specimen Acers.
The beds were turned over and ericaceous compost was mixed in to give the acid loving plants the best possible start.
The plants are now well into their second season and  they look stunning.

Plant List
Acer suminagashi
Acer Burgundy Lace
Rhododendron Hybrida in variety
Skimmia Kew White
Hydrangea in variety
Heuchera Palace Purple
Helleborus orientalis