Garden Furniture Purchasing Advice

Garden Furniture Purchasing Advice

Contemporary garden furniture will conjure up different meanings for different people. It depends on personal preferences and style of living. For many, it could be exterior pastimes such as leisure for children, BBQs or alfresco meals with your friends and neighbours; for some, it will be garden celebrations, outdoor furniture for a family get together, and for others it could be furniture to just relax on in the garden, perhaps you just need a garden parasol to keep the sun at bay on hot summer days.

You may locate the most modern patio range in several types that satisfy your requirements on garden tables and chairs. Decide about your detailed wishes at the beginning of your furniture quest. It makes sense to do a little research with an honest assessment of your needs.

Garden Furniture Purchasing Advice – Correct Area and Dimensions

What is the optimum size and area? How many people usually come round, who are they, will the parties or meals be informal or formal? You should ascertain  the patio space dimensions, and as for garden sofa sets etc, pay a mind to the pattern and shade linked to the design of you outdoor area. You don’t want to buy garden furniture that is incongruous.

Garden Furniture Purchasing Advice – Quality

For all outdoor furniture, quality is paramount. For patio furniture, it is not usually possible that you may have enough time for constant upkeep. You should not purchase low cost furniture to which will need replacing in a couple of years. It is wise to investigate middle market furniture that is not too much in cost but will last for the midterm and also look great.

Garden Furniture Purchasing Advice – Maintenance

How long can you be doing upkeep on your patio furnishings? Cast Aluminium (see Jardine Garden Furniture) or solid iron (see English Salvage in the UK)  lasts a long time, but timber will require a treatment of preservative at least every year, will you really do that after a couple of years? The tactile touch of teak or Iroko is very pleasant and it does not really heat up on hot sunny days.

Garden Furniture Purchasing Advice – Guarantee

How long is the warranty? Is it not mentioned on the website or is it lost in the small print? Mos decent garden furniture companies will give at least a 5 year guarantee. But a word of warning, some guarantees only cover structural problems and not colour.

Garden Furniture Purchasing Advice – Timber Outdoor Products


  • Teak or Iroko makes excellent garden furniture that is tactile and multi shaped.
  • Looks less industrial and blends in with the garden surroundings.



  • It needs s maintenance even if you just want to retain the colour.
  • It can split and distort, you may need to store wooden furniture in the winter.

Garden Furniture Purchasing Advice – Rattan


  • Comes in modern or classic design.
  • Strong and not heavy to move around the garden.
  • Available in many colour and gauges.
  • No upkeep.


  • Cheap rattan cracks in the sun and low temperatures.
  • Glass top tables can crack and are a pain to keep clean.

Garden Furniture Purchasing Advice – Aluminium


  • Last for generations.
  • Will not rust.
  • Lightweight.
  • Mid Cost


  • Heats up in strong sun.


Good Luck!