Holly is a traditional symbol for Christmas!

Holly is a traditional symbol for Christmas and when visiting friends or carol singing in your neighborhood, the first warm greeting you receive is from a seasonal holly wreath.

Holly is a beautiful plant which will quite happily be cut allowing you to create your seasonal wreaths and table arrangements. As a tree it will stand regally outside your home bearing berries as a festive centre piece for your garden either naturally or adorned in fairy lights.

This versatile shrub/tree is evergreen and extremely slow growing, tolerating sun or shade as well as a coastal climate. It makes a wonderful tree or shrub amongst a border and is excellent for topiary due to its tolerancy to clipping. Ilex is also excellent for a boundary hedge or screen as it is evergreen, has colourful berries and pricky leaves for security. Holly is not only dark green.

There are cultivars with variegated yellow & green and silver & green foliage, yellow berries & purple stems. Male and female flowers are borne on separate plants so female hollies like, ‘Handsworth New Silver,’ must be in close proximity to males like, ‘Golden King.’ Ilex JC Van Tol is self pollinating so requires no other specimen to produce berries. In stock we have Ilex aquifolium in both hedging and half standards, Ilex Golden King & Ilex aquifolium variegatum in half standards, both 18L & 120LV.