Plant Of The Month – Magnolia Stellata

Most gardeners will be familiar with the merits of the deciduous Magnolia Soulangiana and Magnolia Stellata.

These beautiful trees and shrubs welcome in the Spring every year with their stunning, architectural ‘fuzzy buds’. These buds open out to produce feminine yet strong floral displays accentuated by their presence on bare, foliage free branches. The striking lime green foliage appears after the flowers have unashamedly showed themselves off to the fullest.

There is a Magnolia stellata hybrid which can stop you in your tracks. The floral colour is rich and looks from a distance as if it were swirled out of silk.

Magnolia stellata ‘Susan’ is a compact, upright, scented Magnolia producing remarkable,goblet-shaped fragrant purple flowers around March.

The Magnolia is fully hardy and not a difficult tree to care for. They prefer a rich, moist soil with a good depth. Magnolia also prefer an ericaceous soil and are extremely tolerant of heavy clay.

Another joy of this tree is that it is slow-growing and easy to maintain, living happily in both large or small gardens.

Magnolia stellata Susan can help to provide the structure for a bed or border but equally can stand independently as a specimen within your garden.

The scent and colour of ‘Susan’s’ flower is absolutely glorious in its richness and it can totally transfix you with its sensory charm.

It is not subtle in colour for those gardeners preferring a subtle palette but it is also not loud and brassy.

I feel it would sit very well within gardens of all colour and if your garden has a quieter palette, then magnolia stellata Susan’ could certainly punctuate your scheme with a swatch of purple.

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