This month we are doing something different. Rather than praising one of my favourite plants, we are praising one of our best sellers! This celebration is called “Planter of the Month!!!”

Our faux lead range has been extremely popular and are in constant demand with our customers. They have the sophisticated appearance of a traditional lead planter but are lightweight and therefore easier to move around. They are produced using clay and other naturally occurring minerals by a patented process. This process makes it possible to produce articles that are lightweight, durable, water resistant & aesthetically pleasing. They are both frost and UV resistant and the salts retained from their production will ensure a natural ageing process.

They are available now in a variety of sizes but our new stock will accommodate our larger specimens. The largest Chelsea Square is 64cm Width x 64cm Height £89.99 and the Chelsea Cylinder is 65cm Diameter x 60cm Height £79.99.

If you want to plant a larger specimen tree or topiary and are looking for a formal planter to complement your property, then this range is perfect! Traditional & Elegant.

You can order our pots and have them delivered throughout the UK.